Benefits of Direct Primary Care

24/7 Access to Your Medical Team 

We know that illnesses and injuries don’t just happen between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday, which is why our patients have 24/7 access to their provider. This means that your doctor is always just a text, email, or phone call away – day or night.

No Copays or Co-Insurance Costs for Office Visits

One of the MANY benefits to Direct Primary Care is that our patients don’t have to worry about “what it will cost” any time they need to come in to see their doctor. Our monthly membership fee covers all of your visits to see your provider here at Access Family Medicine! Plus, we’re able to perform many tests (labs, x-rays, EKG’s, etc) right here in the office, and we offer them at wholesale cost.

Virtual Visits Available

We know that sometimes getting to the office can be difficult, which is why we offer virtual visits…learn more here!

We See Patients of All Ages

Here at Access Family Medicine, our goal is to treat your whole family, young and old. From newborns to those past retirement age, we’ve got you covered!

On-Site Pharmacy

Another benefit of direct primary care is that we can get many prescription medications at wholesale cost AND we can fill those prescriptions right here in the office – many times at a fraction of the cost a traditional pharmacy would charge. Learn more here.

Wholesale Tests Available In-House and Contracted Options Available

We are also able to offer a variety of tests and procedures (labs, x-rays, etc) in-house, and at wholesale cost, too, saving our patients time and money. If there’s a test or procedure needed that we can’t take care of in the office, rest assured that we contract with a variety of outside facilities to ensure that our patients are always able to get the care that they need.

Contracted testing/procedures with 3rd party providers

If there is any procedure we cannot do, we will find you another facility that offers an affordable price for what you need. We can refer you to the correct specialists, and help further navigate the healthcare system if the need arises.

  • CT Scans,