Before you sign up: Quality physician-patient relationships are important. Open, transparent communication is their cornerstone. Our practice may not be for everyone. For instance, we do not prescribe narcotics/opioids for control of chronic pain. If you have any medical issue that gives you cause to be concerned that you might not be a good match with our staff, it is a good idea to contact us by e-mail or phone before taking the time to sign up.

When patients sign up, we schedule a lengthy initial appointment to get to know them. We then offer same or next day availability to established members. To protect this availability, new patients should not expect to be scheduled for their first appointment immediately, as this might require 1-3 weeks. For the same reason, we cannot always offer immediate enrollment to new patients who are acutely ill.


  • Regular Office Hours – 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday
  • Dr. Johnson’s Hours – 8am-4pm, Monday-Wednesday and Friday

P: 402-858-1510

F: 402-858-1511

8101 O Street, Suite 302

Lincoln, NE 68510

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