What is Direct Primary Care?

The current healthcare system often leaves much to be desired. Health insurance helps pay for medical care, but billing can become complicated, and you still may have high out-of-pocket costs. If you are looking for a different healthcare model, it may be time to consider direct primary care (DPC). DPC is a relatively new alternative healthcare model that is quickly growing.

The Direct Primary Care concept was designed as a way for individuals to pay for what they can afford and insure what they cannot.  Primary Care, for lack of a better term, is relatively “cheap.”  Save your insurance to pay for catastrophic events and pay/use a DPC model for wellness exams, coughs or runny noses, as well as managing ongoing health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, just to name a few. DPC is about Fostering Doctor-Patient Relationships, affordable health with transparent pricing, and service in a timely fashion.

DPC is About Fostering Doctor-Patient Relationships

Working to develop and foster doctor-patient relationships is an important aspect of DPC. The average doctor at a DPC clinic has about 600 patients compared to a traditional practice that has 2,000 or more. This allows the doctor to spend more time with each patient they see during the day. Here at Access Family Medicine, all office visits are 30 minutes.  


With the extra time, it allows doctors to get to know each of their patients by name and to help patients encompass lifestyle choices, as well as determine their health care goals. It helps provide a true relationship with your primary care doctor and overall better patient care. 

DPC Has Upfront Pricing

The DPC model has upfront and affordable pricing. Generally, most DPC clinics have a very affordable monthly membership rate that covers all your office visits. This transparent cost goes directly to your doctor without any third-party service – such as insurance or Medicare – getting in the way. You know exactly how much you are paying for your membership as well as any other costs such as prescriptions, labs, procedures, or other tests. 


The upfront pricing provided by direct primary care eliminates the confusion that often comes with leaving the doctor. 

DPC Allows Patients to be Seen in a Timely Fashion

In a typical model, it is not uncommon for one to have to wait two weeks before they can be seen by their doctor for an issue.  At which time, most people have started to feel better.  DPC allows for doctors to treat you in a timelier fashion.  It gives you the capability of contacting your provider directly through text, video call, or email.  Calling the office to reach the nurse is always an option as well.

DPC Works to Enhance the Patient Experience

The DPC model works to enhance healthcare and overall patient experience. It reduces the patients’ healthcare costs and increases the patients’ ability to receive help from a medical professional. Doctors are able to provide better care for their patients, which helps increase the health of the general population. 

How Can DPC Benefit You?

The DPC model works well with high deductible health plans (HDHP) or any other form of insurance that is provided by your employer. While DPC practices do file insurance claims, they help you use your insurance more wisely and only when needed for larger procedures or hospital stays. 


The DPC model also benefits small business owners by allowing them to provide their employees with affordable, high-quality health care. 

In Closing

DPC is a relatively new healthcare business model that is quickly growing. There are many benefits to the DPC model for both the patient and the doctor. 


Here at Access Family Medicine, our goal is to work with you to keep you healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital. Our physicians believe that excellent health care can only be achieved with adequate one-on-one interaction, so we are doing just that. Consider giving Access Family Medicine a call today at 402-858-1510 to learn more!