How Does DPC Reduce Absenteeism Among Employees

Tired businesswoman sitting at her workplace in office

You may have heard of Direct Primary Care (DPC) and its benefits to employers and employees and wondered, how does DPC reduce absenteeism? Wouldn’t a DPC office have a similar structure to the traditional primary care model for an appointment? This is not the case! In this blog, we are going to discuss the multiple ways DPC helps reduce absenteeism among employees. 

They Don’t Have to Leave the Office

Instead of booking an appointment up to two weeks in advance and taking a half-day off to go to an appointment, your employees can make a simple phone or video call over their lunch break. This call can result in the appropriate diagnosis and a prescription all in less than an hour without ever having to leave the office. There is even the option to text your doctor if you can’t make a phone call right away!

Does This Help Employees With Health Problems?

Having the ability to contact your healthcare provider via phone or video call, or even text message is especially helpful for your valuable employees who may have a chronic health condition. They will miss less time at work and will be able to function at their absolute best because they are receiving the care they need. 

How Does DPC Benefit Employees Who Are Normally Healthy?

Providing your employees with DPC will still benefit you, even if they usually don’t take many sick days. When your employees do get sick, instead of going to an urgent care and waiting for a diagnosis, they will be able to give their provider a quick phone call to explain their symptoms. Instead of racking up bills from the urgent care, all that your employee will have to do is give a quick call, come in briefly for a test to confirm the diagnosis, and pay for their prescription. This is a much less stressful process for your employees, and instead of waiting it out to avoid urgent care bills, they will be back to work in no time!

In Closing

There are many benefits to Direct Primary Care; in this blog, we discuss how DPC reduces absenteeism among employees and how that benefits you as the employer. 


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