Reflecting on the Past 5 Years

In July of 2016, Access Family Medicine was founded, and we are so excited to be celebrating our fifth year serving Lincoln. Dr. Johnson reflected on the past five years in five questions that we will share with you today.

What has been your favorite part of starting Access Family Medicine?

“My favorite part of starting Access Family Medicine is having the ability to create relationships with our patients. Having time in our model is the key differentiator between us and the traditional style. Since we have time, we can build trusting relationships together.  And once the trusting relationship is built, we can really focus on each patient’s core healthcare issues, wherever they are on their healthcare journey.” 


Many of our patients were not in a healthy place when they joined Access Family Medicine. Now, after reflecting, we have greatly improved the health of many of our patients, even normalizing their health. It is very rewarding to be able to offer the time and trust needed for people to partner with their health team to improve their lives.”

What is the most surprising thing you have learned in the past five years?

“The most surprising thing I learned in the last five years is that patients do not need to spend enormous amounts of money nor use expensive insurance plans to get great healthcare and outstanding outcomes. What we have learned is that people need a relationship with their provider who will take the time to listen to their needs and develop a plan based on their current situation and obstacles.”  


We don’t need expensive testing, treatments, and drugs to get better most of the time. We need a personalized treatment plan to attain our goals. I am amazed every day at the outstanding outcomes we are getting with our customized and highly affordable treatment options.”

What is the hardest thing you have learned in the past five years?

“The hardest thing we have learned is that people still find it hard to believe that combining an insurance plan such as a high deductible plan with DPC will not only give them better access to care, more personalized care but will also give them options to choose and will help them save a lot of money in the long term. I know it sounds hard to believe, but now we have five years of proof that combining insurance plans with DPC does work and pays off in the long run.”

The money saved in our practice without paying a copay for office visits along with our wholesale/at-cost pricing for labs, medications, testing, and office procedures, our patients immediately get a return on their investment. The average person breaks even with any ONE of the following: 2.5 office visits/calls per year, or four chronic prescriptions per month, or one CT or MRI, or avoiding the ER one time per year.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

“Our biggest accomplishment is proving that there is a tremendous need in our community for the style of healthcare that we aim to deliver and that our business model is as sustainable as advertised and that we can indeed provide high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost to everyone. We are passionate about serving the health needs of our community and need to continue to spread the word that we are here, ready, and able to meet your needs.”

In five words, describe how you feel about your staff.

Pride, trust, accountable, dedicated, family.

In Closing

We have loved serving Lincoln for the past five years and are looking forward to continuing to serve Lincoln for many years to come. 


Here at Access Family Medicine, our goal is to work with you to keep you healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital. Our physicians believe that excellent health care can only be achieved with adequate one-on-one interaction, so we are doing just that. Consider giving Access Family Medicine a call today at 402-858-1510 to learn more!